Dynamic and creative, is that what you think of when we talk about the Seoul City?

This is what inspired the creative director of SUPERCOMMA B, Lee Bo-Hyun to design the 17FW Collection after 2015.

Unlike most of the shows I watched during Fashion Week, the runway was very bright and wide. The models also came out in a playful mood, footsteps following the upbeat background music such as the Ghostbusters’ theme song; waving to the audiences, or even hopping for a few steps as the crowd cheered them on.

The models all walked with their own attitude in their unique clothing, such as oversized hoodies and canvas bags. Extra long sleeves that look super comfy and laid back. Most of the clothes are in chromatic colors such as bright pink, yellow and green; when you were about to think that the colors were too much, the designer wittily balanced them out with gray, white and black, mostly in stripes.


Models with natural makeup also brought out the colorful details such as huge padded parka and graffiti like “Fly Girls Fly” at the back of the trench coat.


It was a great experience, the audiences got the have fun with the models walking down the runway and to see similar faces like Irene Kim, Song HaeNa, Park Yuri and Jung Hyuk .


The show was also very successful in my opinion. It is because they broke out from the typical “high- end or street” boundaries, but also gave a powerful performance that led us to think of the young generation of Seoul.
Let’s look forward to their future designs !


SUPERCOMMA B_01_Kang seung- hyun

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