I believe most people know about this Seoul based brand: SJYP, even if you are not sure what it actually is, you must have heard of it. This fashion brand named after the designer couple Steve J and Yoni P is one of the few brands that broke through their local and into the international market before K-wave is a thing.
A little bit of information on this clothing brand. It is a contemporary womenswear label, their collections are usually colorful and humorous. Steve J & Yoni P’s product are regarded as high- end casual wear, and of course, many celebrities are big fans of this brand.
I would not say that Steve J & Yoni P’s clothes are very affordable because after all they are regarded as a ‘high-end’ brand, but I personally think that they are definitely worth the money. The materials are nice, that’s the first reason, it won’t wore off easily; and also, with only a piece of their design, you can already have your whole style changed, you don’t have to buy the whole set, from head to toe, to change your look,nope, there’s no need. I think that is why Steve J & Yoni P is successful in overseas market as well.


 Steve J & Yoni P 17 SS Collection


Now, just allow me talk about their recent collaboration with M.A.C cosmetics. I have always love Yoni P’s signature cartoon face, her yellow hair, pink round blush and big red lips. When I saw the preview of the items, my jaw nearly touched the floor. I was so excited, and it was such a long wait until the launching date.

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And doubtless, when M.A.C and Steve J & Yoni P held the launching party in Korea, many celebrities went there to participate.


I waited patiently for the launch in Hong Kong and I got almost all the products from the collection, except the mascara, because I am a bit picky when it comes to mascara. As I mentioned above, I love Yoni P’s signature cartoon, so I got the makeup bag with her face on it without even hesitating. Then my eyes landed on the lips and cheek palette, I just love these palettes, I can bring it with me anytime to touch up my makeup. My favorite thing about this palette is that, it’s very creamy but not too pigmented.  Now, in most cases, less pigmented products means a no no, but for this one, because we can use it as a blush, we can slowly build up the color on our cheeks until we are satisfied, in this way, it is definitely better having a way too pigmented blush, because blush is all about natural, right??



From this photo, we can tell that M.A.C is going towards the Korean style makeup look this time. Nothing too wild, just coral, pink and red.  One of the blush, the coral pink one, surprisingly resembles the shade Orgasm from NARS, but of course NARS’ signature blush still have a better finish. The lipsticks are pigmented, the colors are easy to carry, as expected from M.A.C, their lipstick are quite long lasting but a bit dry. Then, here comes the eyeshadows, the two palette are totally different, where the purple and grey one is very pigmented and shimmery, while the pink and brown one can only act as a shimmery touch and a base color respectively.
In simpler words, this collection of Steve J & Yoni P with M.A.C’s highlight is on the packaging rather than the products themselves because the shades of the lipsticks and eyeshadows are very common in the k-beauty market, and no new products or shades are made just because of this collection (compared to M.A.C’s previous limited collections)
Well, that was some information and some personal opinions on Steve J & Yoni P. Again, I am a fan of Korea’s high-end casual brands like SJYP, Fleamadonna, KYE, etc. So I think I am going to write more on these brands in the furture !


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