I am deeply in love with Egyptian style recently, their clothes, their makeup; Everything about ancient Egypt is just so fascinating.

I watched The Mummy (2017) recently and the makeup of Ahmanet caught my attention (both before and after she turnt ‘evil’)

After I knew that M. A. C cosmetics were the ones that did Ahmanet’s makeup, I immediately ran over to the nearest local store near my office, and asked a makeup artist to try the look on me (the pretty one, of course)

So they started drawing some lines under my eyes and then color the space in between with blue and green.
I was dead nervous, I wasn’t even brave enough to look into the mirror. Apparently, I don’t have the beautiful face of  Sofia Boutella (the actress who played Ahmanet in The Mummy), and I never tried anything like this before.
After they finished with the eye look, I looked myself in the mirror and found myself looking like Cleopatra than Ahmanet  (thanks to my new hair cut).
Well, at least I don’t look bad, I just looked like I just finished my stage drama. Given the fact that I was in Hong Kong, everyone turnt their head to look at me as I made my way to the subway.
Okay, I admit it. This look is really hard to carry, it would be easier to carry and not getting weird looks if you put the color on your eyelids rather than under your eyes.
Anyhow, we have to admit that ancient Egypt’s beauty standard influenced our beauty view in some ways.
Highlight is the best example. Ancient Egyptian like glowy and shiny stuff so much that they smudge them all over themselves, especially their faces. Their glossy faces made them look more superior because their bone structure stood out so much.

Having our bone structure stand out….

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it ?

That’s what highlight/ illuminator do ! Putting them on our cheek bones and nose tips give us a more defined look.
You might not agree with me. But what about that Cleopatra hairstyle that is suddenly trending again recently ?

I’ll stop here and let you guys decide !

Can you think of anymore influences from Ancient Egypt? Comment down below !

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