Some of you might come from my Instagram, some of you might just have came across this article from somewhere, it doesn’t matter, let’s start talking about this lipstick collection.
In this collection, there are four lipsticks, 2 from Rouge unlimited sheer shine and 2 from Rouge unlimited supreme matte. Now, the shades from Sheer Shine are called Ambush Spirit, which is light pink, and Ambush Freedom, which is brownish gold. The shades from Supreme Matte are called Ambush Love, a red color with a little bit of orange base, and Ambush Life, which is just orange.
 Here are the shades, the second one from the bottom is actually Ambush Freedom, but it looks like a nude color in the photo.
First of all, I personally think that Ambush Love is the prettiest color out of them four, but at the same time, the shade is too bright that you can not use it in many occasions. I think that’s the only downside of this lipstick (actually for both of the supreme matte lipsticks). If we have to be picky, then the other downside of these lipsticks is that the shape of the lipstick surface is rather hard to apply on the lips precisely, I still have to use tissue to wipe off the excess color around my lips after I finished, I hate it a lot, I am not too sure about you guys, but it really annoys me, haha.
Now, the good things about these supreme matte lipsticks, girl/boy let me tell you, I have very dry lips, but not only these lipsticks didn’t dry up on my lips and make it felt like it was about to crack(even though with the matte finish), they also cover my lip lines very well, most of them are just BOOM, gone, it just surprised me so much, I just want to tell every girl I know to get it, or any guy I know to buy it for their girlfriend or sister. (But of course I have to calm down and be more objective). Basically, I think that if you are into fancy packaging or you like bright lipstick shades, you can definitely go for it and have a try.
Moving on to the sheer shine lipsticks, I have to say, I don’t like it. I understand lipsticks with sheer finish are usually not pigmented, but the pink shade, Ambush Spirit is just a disappointment to me, yes, it’s sheer, yes, it’s light pink. But it’s just not worth the money, I rather go out to buy a pink lip gloss from NYX which is like, much cheaper. For Ambush Freedom, the brownish gold color, I will not apply it on my lips on its own, this lipstick is more like those shimmery lipgloss where you put on top of a matte finished lip to add some glow or to highlight the middle of your lips. However, the sheer shine lipsticks come off easily, you basically have to reapply it everytime after you ate or drank. I would not suggest anyone I know to buy the Sheer Shine Lipsticks, but these are only my personal opinion, maybe it doesn’t work for me, but works for you, so it is okay to go for one (I mean, the packaging is pretty)
After all the Ambush x Shu Uemura lipsticks, I just want to mention one more product here, and it is the Laque Supreme Shimmer line.
This collection swept away many girls’ money in both South Korea and Hong Kong, I am not too sure about other countries, but everyone was crazy about it when it came out. Some people buy it because they are Shu Uemura’s fans and they buy any new products from the brand, while some, bought from this collection because a Korean actress Go Junhee, wore it in a K Drama (Really, you can’t underestimate the power of K dramas).

Anyway, I got one from the collection and I was so excited, not only because of the pretty shades, also because everyone around me was using it. So I used it the day after I bought it, I bought an orange shade, at first, everything was fine, except for the fact that I have to apply a few times in order to get even colors on my lips. Then I went out to hang out with my friends, and do my own stuff. Finally, I went to the bathroom, I looked into the mirror as I washed my hands, and I realize how effing dry my lips are, the surface of my lips literally looked crumbled and the color are mostly gone, leaving some tint in my lip cracks. I was so shocked, I immediately took out the tint and reapply it, but it just made things worst, I looked horrific, I literally have to remove everything from my lip and just apply lip balm on my lips for the rest of the day.
I thought it was just me not doing it right that morning when I applied it, so I gave it a few more tries, but no matter how I scrubbed my lips before applying it, how much lip balm I put on, or how primed my lips are, those disasters still happen to me. From that day on, I just gave up on the tint and Shu Uemura (except for their cleansing oil)
FINALLY, thanks to this Ambush Collection, I regained faith in Shu Uemura lip products, just lipsticks though, I still need some time to recover from the tint horror. If you also have the Laque Supreme Shimmer, feel free to share what you think of it or your experience of it; if you haven’t got one but wanted to buy one, I truly advise you to go to the counter and try it out first, or ask other’s opinion on it.
Soooo, I hope this review can help anyone who is considering to purchase lip products from Shu Uemura! Also, really, feel free to comment, or else I’ll get bored, I am pretty sure most people would find different comments useful !

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