I knew nothing about this season’s theme of R. SHEMISTE’s design until the show started, but I wasn’t doubting it at all since they never disappoint me from the first day I know about this brand.
R. Shemiste’s show started off with a video of demonstrators of LGBT rights getting dragged away onto police trucks in a European country, I started to have a bit of an idea what the theme was going to be.
Anti- sexism.
For this show, I want to focus on their clothing and the atmosphere of the show. The first thing I realized about the models is that all their footwear are wrapped in tapes with the brand name printed on it. That is actually not something new, but we can get to focus on the clothes.
If we pay enough attention, we will realize that R. Shemiste put in their signature large silver pin on some of their clothes and the bucket hats some of the models wear have a washing instructions label looking fabric at the back of their hats, does that hint anything? Such as each gender are always being labeled as something not necessarily a fact? Or is it just a design?

During the show, the logo that resembles YSL’s logo caught my attention. Here is some historical information, back in the days of 1967, YSL was the first to create the ‘smoking suit’ for women, which female wearing trousers at the time was considered as very inappropriate. But despising all the rejection voices from the society, they made the first break through.
So a thought came to my mind since this season’s theme is Anti- Sexism, R. Shemiste have to be paying tribute to YSL. However, near the d-day of the show, there was a controversy on YSL’s new posters. There was a woman bending down on a stool and another one spreading her legs wide sitting on the floor, these posters caused great responses from Anti- sexism groups saying that women are never an object.


Okay, I’ll let you guys think about this issue yourself, I might just as well continue on my thoughts on this FASHION show.

In my opinion, they can express the theme of the show very well, and in a not so typical way. To be honest, most of the time when we talk about expressing how we should not be a sexist with fashion, the first thing that comes up to people’s mind would be switching roles, having female models wear masculine clothing and male models wear feminine clothing. However, R. Shemiste didn’t do it this way, the clothes that they design for Femme allows the female model to give off a strong and independent women vibe. I also have to say that they definitely used a lot of different materials for their clothes in this show, where we can tell that they put a lot of thoughts into designing their dream pieces of clothing.


NOW, enough talk on the fashion, I just want to mention their nice choice of music. AND, how bold they are to use such a controversial social issue as their fashion show theme (credits to that). For the music choice, they those Princess Nokia’s Excellent and Tomboy as the two main songs as the models walk down the runway, these two songs give off the idea of there is nothing wrong for a girl to act like a boy and, gender is nothing more than an identity that was given to you when you were born. (Respect)

It was an AMAZING experience, let’s just say, an unexpected show was presented.

I guess my heart will never be swept away from R. SHEMISTE.



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