Hello there.
I still remember when I first started learning how to put on makeup, I fear putting on blushers. My aunties are always mumbling something about how I should be careful on the amount I use, or else my cheeks will be as red as a monkey’s butt. Since I found controlling the amount extremely annoying, I decided to leave this step OUT of my makeup routine after I grew up.
However, as technology develops, there are not only the ‘oh- so -effing-hard-to-control’ powdery blusher, there are cream blush and cheek polish. I have to tell the truth, as much as I dislike blushers, I realized that they can pop your structure out very well, even if you don’t use any bronzer, don’t do any strobing; just adding a lil bit of blusher can polish your makeup very well.
Here, I chose the 3 brands. First,  the famous Orgasm from NARS (Powder type). Second, cheek polish from Addcition. Last but not least, cream blush from Shu Uemura.
Let’s talk about NARS’ blushers first. I am a huge fan of NARS in case you don’t know that, my first blusher, eventually, came from NARS, and it is the limited edition of the shade Orgasm (to be honest, there’s nothing much different than the usual ones, there’s just its name printed on top of the lid). Orgasm is famous because of how natural looking it is, NARS claim that after using this blusher, it will make you look like you were blushing (like, literally). So I gave it a try, and, I like it, it’s definitely better than the ones I tried before, but after a few days, I just put it aside, because I just need a clear makeup look going to work, as in, you know, foundation, eyeliner and lipstick, done. And I dislike the fact that I have to reapply it all the time, once in two hours, and having so much powder on my face made me felt like I couldn’t breathe, so yea.
Second, cheek polish. I believe Addiction is the one of the first cosmetics brand that master the cheek polish technology. They launched a few more colors recently and they are also very versatile. The texture is rather watery, and the applicator is just like the nail polish brush ! I was so amazed by it when I first received it. Since the cheek polish is in a liquid state, it is easy to ruin the loose powder you might just have applied after putting on foundation, so I recommend putting it on before setting your makeup. The good thing after cheek polish is that you can build it up anyway you want without having a heavy makeup feeling to it.
Last but not least, the cream blush that is trending these days. Among the three, I love cream blush the most, not only because it can build up easily like cheek polish, I can also control which cheek area I want to apply easier than the other two. One more trend that is going around the J-beauty world is that they tend to mix and match their cheek colors, the most common way is to put pinkish color on the middle of the cheeks and orange colors at the side, in this way, your face will look smaller ! Besides, using cream blush is more long lasting than powder blush, even if you sweat a lot during summer time, the color still stays !
 P.S This look right here is a hit in Shibuya ! Go try it out !!
These are my thoughts on different types of blushers, my favorite is definitely cream blush, but for the color, nothing can beat NARS’ Orgasm !

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