Coco Cafe is FINALLY in Hong Kong!

I believe most of us are fans of Chanel at some point, I started being a fan of Chanel when I first learnt about luxury brands.

Everything about Chanel is just so fancy to me, the packaging of their goods, their golden double Cs logo, that ‘click’ sound of their signature lipstick….

Alright, I am here to share with those of you who don’t know what the cafe looks like.

I was dead excited when I saw the huge ‘Welcome to The Coco Cafe’ poster on the side wall of the cafe entrance.

The nice staff inside will greet you with a cup of tea or latte with a smile of their faces. Walking further into the cafe, Chanel had their latest products displayed for you to try them out.

As I huge lippie addict, I went over to the lipsticks before anything else. I heard Chanel will let us their Fall Winter Le Rouge Crayon de Couleur that comes in 11 shades !! I looked at the lip crayons in front of me and couldn’t help but sigh (because they are just so pretty).

I played around with the colors for a while and decided to buy a color with a bit of autumn feeling to it.


Three words. Intense sanitary finish.

Perhaps it’s because it has a satin finish, my lips didn’t dry up for the rest of day like the matte lipstick I got in a Chanel store because I was dead bored. And the color is surprisingly long lasting (compared to their previous creations).

To be honest, even as a Chanel fan, I gave up on their lipstick for a while already, either they are not pigmented enough or they are too drying. BUT ! This crayon right here gave me hope again.

Now, let’s move to the decoration of this ‘cafe’, the reason why I put a quotation is because there’s almost no seats in there, no food to eat and it’s just makeup everywhere. But hey, at least I got endless cups of latte and tea ! The staffs are really generous !

What I like the most is their ‘refrigerators’ design. They have two refrigerators looking shelves displaying their Chance perfume series and their signature hydrating skincare series respectively. They looked very refreshing, and it’s always nice to have some creative decorations.


As I scanned my surroundings, the decorations on the coffee bar suddenly inspired me to redecorate my makeup desk.

Hmmm… I should probably put my lipsticks in a glass candy jar… so I can see what’s there and what’s not while having my desk looking pretty! But nah, knowing myself,  I’ll just break the glass jar in three days.

Alright, that’s about it. Nothing else about the cafe, all I can say is : if the Coco cafe ever comes to where you live in, whether you are a fan or not, you should go and check it out, because it’s a place where you can take many good photos ! BUT! BUT! BUT! You better go as early as possible, or else, the place will get very crowded and you won’t be able to take nice photos !


BONUS: I got a rose and cheese cake. Isn’t this pretty ?


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