My Daily Skincare Routine 

I have troublesome skin, oily on the T- Zone, dry and sensitive on my cheeks… And I get breakouts really easily, if I don’t remove my makeup good enough, I get pimples the next day. 

I also get allergic skin really easily! That’s what I hate the most about my skin, if I accidentally used face wash that is too irritating or face cream that got heavy chemicals such as fragrances, my skin will be sooooo dead. 

I still remember the time I went to Seoul Fashion Week with my swollen face. I couldn’t even cover up the redness with foundation. I had to go find soothing face cream to calm my skin so that I could actually look alright in my photos. 

After fashion week, my allergy was still there, I was really annoyed with myself, I already stopped eating spicy or fried food, I even gave up my lobster buffet ! But my face was still red, swollen and itchy. 

I spent so many effort and time to look for products that can maintain healthy skin for me and help to solve my allergic skin within a few weeks. Now, my skin improved so much, even better than before I got allergic skin (touch wood). 

I know there are a lot of you might have the same problem as I do, so I would love to share with you guys my daily skincare routine and when to use what. 

Basically, I mostly use Avene’s products for my skincare routine. 

First, I use Perfect Whip to wash my face. 

Then I’ll apply toner, serum and face cream. I tried my best not to apply too much stuff on my face because my skin cannot take products that are too moisturising, so if I want to keep my skin hydrated, I will put on a sheet mask. 

If my skin allergy is very serious, I will use Physiogel instead of the Avene face cream. It works really well, but at the same time, this product is listed in the ‘for medical use’ . I don’t really recommend you guys to use it all the time. 

I have been using them for a period of time and they still work pretty well. I am not paid or sponsored by any of these brands, they are all just my personal opinions! If you find it useful, feel free to share it with your friends and like for more ! 

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