If you had watched Produce 101 Season 2, I bet you know what ‘I’m hungry’ mask is. Even if you don’t know, it’s alright, let me tell you now. 

The real name of this mask is called Innisfree  Jeju Volcanic Clay Mask. It comes with 7 colours with 7 different purposes, some people call it the rainbow mask because it has 7 colours while some call the mask 패고파 mask. Why? It’s because of this guy right here : 

This person here kept whining and singing with the words ‘패고파’ while having this clay mask on his face, so some fans started calling the mask ‘I’m hungry’ mask, and now, it became the official nickname for the colour clay masks! 

Anyway, I’m here to introduce and review the mask to y’all. Since my face is a combination skin and my cheeks are extremely sensitive, I usually opt for CICA (calming) and hydrating masks, however, I can’t clean my pores and get rid of the disgusting blackheads on my nose. I always had to do any extra step to clean my T-zone afterwards, which is extremely annoying. 

BUT NOW, multi- masking became a THANG, and Innisfree gamed up one of their best selling items. I can finally do everything in one go. Calm and hydrate my cheeks, and cleaning my pores on the T- zone. 

Alright, let me introduce their functions one by one. 

First, jelly texture : 

Blue: hydrating and balance the proportion of oil and water in skin. 

Yellow: brightening, with vitamin C

Pink: with promegrate seeds, anti- wrinkles

Second, creamy texture:

Green: repairing, protect sensitive skin

Purple: calming 

Last but not least, clay:

White: soften skin 

Black: peel and cleanse skin 


Soooo, for its price, I think the masks did their job well. The best thing about the cleaning masks is that they are not drying, your pores won’t ooze oil right after you wash off the mud. At the same time, my skin feels very soft and clean, I like it ! Also, one more nice thing about the masks, they don’t have any fragrances added, so if you have sensitive skin like me, you don’t have to worry about it irritating your skin ! 

That’s about it for the colour clay masks review, I’ll keep updating if anything new comes up ! 
Oh and uh, by the way, this is the right way to multi-mask: 

Price : 8,000 won, HKD 65

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