Laneige be grabbing our money recently !


If you are a Laniege fan, you will realize they upgraded some of their skincare line and also repackaged most of their products in 2017.

This Fresh Calming Skincare line caught my attention with their peachy colored containers and the lychee scent. This line aims to balance moisture deficient oily skin (in simpler words, balancing water and oil of your skin) They have Gel Cleanser, Toner, Serum and a Bubble Mask that you don’t have to wash away.



For Laneige’s skin care line, they usually have 5-6 products to finish prepping your skin, but they now shorten the steps from 6 to 4, making things easier for those who have to prep their skin and do their makeup within a short time.

Alright, enough for the introduction, let’s get staright into the review !

Gel Cleanser : Compare to most gel cleansers out there, this one is more hydrating and of course, smells nice. The cleanser has 230 ml, compared to similar types of products out there, it is quite cost- effective .

Rating: 4/5

Toner : The texture is quite similar with their Light Skin Refiner, but the scent is lychee (haha, I love the sweet smell of lychee). Other than that, nothing much special, you don’t really have to buy that particular toner if you already have one that is with a watery texture.

Rating: 3/5

Serum : Gel like texture, absorbs quite fast, and my skin appears brighter after using it, and my cheeks are not as red, surprinsg effect, but I still think that there are other alternatives with its priceor even cheaper, like Innisfree.

Rating: 4/5

Morning Mask : You shake it, bubbles will be produced inside the container. The bubbles are quite light weight and easy to absorb, usually bubble masks that claim themselves are leave on/ no rinse are very sticky, But not in this case, this morning mask really can live up to its ‘fresh’ name, it feels nice and my skin feels so much smoother.

Rating: 5/5

It’s been a while since I rate products, hope you guys find this useful ! Feel free to like it and comment what you would like me to review on next time !


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