I went to KBEE a.k.a KOREA Brand & Entertainment Expo 2017 recently, I discovered a lot of new cosmetics and skincare brand, and among all of them, I have to share this brand with y’all, cause it’ just too good ! I love their products so much !

If you have been following my posts, you will know that I have troublesome skin, especially the dehydrated and sensitive bit. This brand that I am going to introduce to y’all is called Aippo Seoul, their minimal packaging caught my attention as I was wandering around the expo.

I went over  to their stall and learnt a bit of their brand history. Turns out they used to a spa only, so basically, if you want to use their products, you can only go to their spa place. After they got more and more popular, they decided to launch their own masks and sell them online.


I bought this thing called Expert Soothing Ampoule. Well, hell yes, the packaging is so on point, fresh and clean, then I looked at the ingredients inside. So there are mainly Centella Asiatica Leaf extract, Portulaca Oleracea extract and Glycrrhiza Glabra Root extract. In short, these ingredients can sooth rough skin and ease redness. I was so convinced by those ingredients so I started using it right away at night, the texture is rather watery, not sticky at all (my favorite), it absorbs really fast and I cannot smell any man- made scent at all (it’s a good thing).



The other morning when I woke up, I realized the redness on my cheeks were mostly gone and my skin wasn’t as rough as the night before, I was so happy that this product works so well, and it’s not even that expensive ! For an ampoule that works so well, it only cost 52,000 won, like, you kidding right? That’s cheap ! 30ml and they even got discounts sometimes.

Other than the ampoule, I also received some testers from Aippo, because I was in an Expo, and you know, Koreans love giving out samples (smart marketing, right). Anyway, I got testers for other ampoules that they have (Firming and hydrating) and also a few packs of sun cream.

The package said it suits sensitive skin as well, so I decided to be a lab rat for once and try it on my face (they are cruelty free, don’t worry guys). Just giving y’all a heads up, when I applied this sun cream, my skin was still in an allergic state, they are still rough and red and itchy.

I had a shooting on an extremely sunny day and I thought that would be the best opportunity to test out the sun cream. I applied it all over my face and neck, waiting for a few seconds to see if my skin will start complain or not, but no it didn’t. There’s not much scent, it’s not sticky, and it’s not stuffy. First impression, quite nice. Then I  went out to the street just adding some eyeliner, it was really really hot that day, I was holding a camera, running around and sweating a lot, but the sun cream didn’t melt at all.

I was so surprised.

After a long day, I went home, wiped off the sun cream with cleansing water, and I realized that my skin didn’t get red from the sun at all, there wasn’t any breakouts caused by the product as well, the reason I am so surprised is because I had tried so many sun cream, but only one Japanese brand won’t irritate my skin and actually does the sun blocking effect, but because the price is not that consumer friendly so I gave it up.

All in all, these two products from Aippo… I give them 10 out of 10, given the facts that, they work really well, live up to their descriptions and totally chemical free. I will definitely buy more from this brand and come back with more reviews soon !




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