It’s all about the shoes

Many of us usually neglect the importance of shoes when it comes to fashion, but shoes complete your look, it might as well complete the word ‘Fashion’, so I think it is time to look at some nice shoes.

This article is mainly about shoes that are more versatile to wear, you can wear it with almost anything, your summer dress, sporty clothes, floral skirts or maybe just white tee and jeans.

Kenneth Cole

Okay, I am talking about their sneakers here. Not that their loafers or boots aren’t nice, but there is something special about their sneakers. I don’t find anything special about their sneakers at first, and I didn’t understand the hype for it as well. However, I am slowly mesmerized by their design. To be honest, most of their designs are minimal, simple colors, maybe some color blocking, but they look really CHIC, with an attitude at the same time, sometimes when I look at the shoes I can imagine what type of people will buy that particular style.

Once in a while, Kenneth Cole gets creative and started adding badges and star to their shoe, maybe some flowers as well. With these designs, it is even easier to show your style and tell people what you are like.


Pedder Red

Here are some more lady choices. From leather to suede, from suede to lace, there you go for y’all pretty ladies. Pedder Red sometimes collabs with other brands like Fleamadonna (My fav) and artist like Unistella from Korea (she’s a nail artist). For flats, they have ballerinas, loafers, mules, strap flats.etc. They also have a different theme for their shoes in different seasons, and they have mega sale from time to time as well, be sure to go check them out !



Yes. PUMA definitely has a lot of shoes, but I am going to talk about their BLAZE collection. I own a few pairs of them and its all because they look good and they are super comfy. I never paid any attention to PUMA’s goods before the released this collection, the reason why I went to check them out was because I saw a really pretty purple and black suede BLAZE on my feed one day and I just decided to go to PUMA store. Seriously though, not only these shoes are comfy, you can actually do sports wearing them, and wear it as a pair of casual sneakers when you hang out with your friends, and I am giving a HUGE bonus point to the BLAZE collection because the shoes make your legs look much slimmer, not kidding, gals, you guys might want to try them out if you go by a PUMA store.



So these are my humble opinions and suggestions and versatile shoes to wear no matter in Summer or Winter, hope it can help those of you who are having difficulties looking for new shoes.


You guys are welcome to comment or ask anything you want down below, in Chinese or English, I will reply them !! See you guys in the next article !

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