Summer is no longer the season of long pretty legs, it is now the season of Flamingos.

I am actually serious, starting from May, I kept seeing flamingo merchandises like neon lights, notebooks, hats hangers, floaty.etc, just wow. Anyway, I went to a modern herbal tea cafe in Central, it’s called Flamingo Bloom. Although the cafe was a bit small, the interior is actually quite nice, I felt like I was in tropical forest with air- con.

Now, let’s get to what I want to talk about in this post.

The tea, they have a variety of herbal tea and I can say, I love them all, as much as they were modernized, the bitter sweetness and the scent of tea are still very strong. And I really like how the size of the drink is quite large compared to other tea cafes in Hong Kong.


What I also like about this cafe is the effort they had put in, since they are called Flamingo Bloom, flamingos are everywhere inside, the wall has flamingos, the bar was lined with flamingo toys, and then there’s a huge flamingo floaty at the door. It is a great place to take selfies and gather with friends if there are less people.


If you think iced tea are boring, you might want to go to flamingo bloom ! They might change your mind !

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