The cornerstone of nightlife in Asia, Hong Kong’s Lan Kwai Fong otherwise known as LKF is a must go for club goers. From the buffets of nightclubs lined up right next to each other, I got your plan sorted for your next few nights in Hong Kong.


One of the first party places you’ll go when you drop off into Hong Kong’s party scene, Secrets is the perfect opening gate to LKF. It’s not expensive and the drinks are really good, which is why it’s filled with the craziest people. The location of the club itself is elusive, to get there you’ll have to go into another club called Zentral and find the staircase. With animal print leather cases, heavy hip hop beats and hidden lasers, the place exudes energy and vibrancy. That’s why it’s called Secrets, what happens there stays there. If you’re into dancing and urban house.

Zentral should be your next stop. It’s a bit more exclusive, with VIP written all over the place. It’s famous enough by itself and is loved by locals, expats and tourists. Special guests are the norm, featuring DJs across the globe and other performers too. The sound system is dope, the large rectangular bar space with friendly bartenders who serves your drinks at a really good speed.Once this place gets’s going, it really gets going.

Magnum (much like the condom brand), celebrates itself for its size. This is something you’ll need to dress up for. It is about living in the lap of luxury, with a spacious dance  floor and crystal chandeliers.When the crowd gets really steamy, feel free to head outside to the patio and watch the works at the fountain. Be prepared to drop a few! It’s a place for you and your friends to lounge around, take a sip and just chill.

Now that you’ve got your next few nights sorted, I’ll peace out. bye!


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