Hello guys! I am finally back from all the work that was killing me… So I am going to talk about some fashion. I am not sure if all of you know what AOMG is, it is a music label founded by Jay Park and is running the company with his co-CEO Simon Dominic.

Anyways, let’s get started ! I am going to talk about Gray and Jay Park’s fashion in this post.

First up, we have our awesome producer, GRAAAYYYYYYY.


Look at this face, I can’t really imagine what apparel can make him look ugly.

Now, first thing first. Gray loves Blue jackets, or more precisely, denim jackets.

Gray wear denim jacket almost in every occasion, music shows, brand events, sometimes even in magazines shootings, I wonder if he requested himself or the stylists know that he likes denim jackets haha.

Number 2, checkered stuff.

There are still a lot, if any of you are interested, you might just as well go to his Instagram ! (@callmegray)

BONUS: Gray’s Grayground Sweatshirt


To be honest, I want that sweatshirt so much, that looks sooooo comfy.

Okay, here comes our Park CEO.

First, his love for sportswear.

Anticipating his collab with Charli XCX !! ❤

Second, his love for Gucci (more like), his love for Gucci belts.

Actually I realized almost everyone in AOMG has a Gucci belt.

Last but no least, this weird dress code that almost no one can pull off:


Bonus: Half-naked Jay Park


Alright, I’ll be back with other articles soon !! BYEEEEE

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