I have to say, Fenty Beauty by badgirlriri is my most anticipated launch after Zendaya’s clothing line, like seriously. Right here, I am going to be reviewing the three products that I tried from the line. Although Rihanna is one of my ultimate girl crush, I am not going to be a biased lil shit, so don’t worry !

P.S I am categorizing Fenty Beauty as same as Kim K’s, Kylie’s, Jeffree’s and all the other brands that are created by celebrities or Youtubers.

First up, the FOUNDATION.


Not sure if y’all know, Rihanna actually debuted 40 shades, as an Asian with skin that’s quite pale myself, I don’t really have much trouble looking for a shade that’s similar to my skin, but hello? I found the exact same shade among these 40 shades ?? I was so excited and I had to try it the next day.

Okay, so the foundation tries really fast, I have to do different parts of my face really quickly. I am not too sure if it’s a con or pro, but I like the fact that my hair won’t stick on my face. The coverage is definitely cool and it is really matte, so much typical western type of makeup. I am loving the price, I think I had never bought a bottle of foundation with this price range (except for the NYX dropper one).

Rate: 8/10


Number 2 candidate, Hightlighter.

Very much unfortunately. I AM NOT ABLE TO TRY THE STICKSSSSSSS.


But I got to try the KILLAWATTs !!!!!!

Thanks to our bae Jeffree Star, I became a highlight WHORE as well. I just want that blinding shimmer on my face. And the Killawatts definitely did it, as much as I love trophy wife, I don’t really think that I can use it on my daily basis. But I am definitely loving Mean Money and Hu$tla Baby, they go with my foundation shade very well, not too much but gives me enough shine to stand out my cheekbones. 

Rate: 7/10 

Last but not least ! The LIPGLOSS baby ! They call it the lipbomb but we all know it’s a gloss right ? 

So Riri, only launched ONE color and said that this thing here is totally universial. I am not a big fan of glossy tings because it makes my lips extra large, given the fact that my lips are already quite thick as Asian Standards and putting on lip gloss made me looked like I got bitten by a bee on the upper lip, I stayed off these products for a million years already. 

HOWEVER! When I saw this, I fell in love with the color, it’s a really daily color, especially my lips are really pale, I would like to pop on a color like this before I go out. The lipbomb is not sticky, applies really smoothly and it’s really glossy, it does the job very well (as a lipgloss). But as I mentioned, I hate glossy lips on myself , so I covered my lips with a piece of tissue and tap my lips lightly to bring away the shine. 

It’s not as shiny as I first applied it (duh), there’s still a little bit of shine, rust surprises me the most is that the color stayed on really well. 

Rate: 8/10 (most points go to the color!) 

Soooooo, these are my thoughts on the products, just for reference, hope you guys find it helpful and I’ll see you guys next time ! 

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