Daily Ranting 

Nothing related to lifestyle, fashion or beauty. 

This is just me ranting about my daily life, hopefully I can get myself working again after spitting shit out. 

For me, there are always a few bad days in a month. I’m not talking about the days having my period and getting cramps. It hurts but I ain’t giving a damn about it. 

September, a month that I thought nothing could possibly go wrong and make me hella depressed. Well, guess who’s wrong ? 

Yay, I’m finally sick (sarcasm obviously). To be honest I get sick a lot in the past, but suddenly everything kinda changed, I just get really tired or sleepy for a long while. But here I go again, getting myself sick. I admit that my eating, working and sleeping habits are not good at all and I have been suppressing all the germs and shit at the bottom of my stomach until they all exploded. 

Getting sick is not much of a big deal or you can say it is, cause I never really fully recover until like what, a month later ? Suffering from all those headaches and stuff for at least a month, of course I can still get to work, but I have to endure these shitty feelings and live like a normal healthy person. Not sure if it’s a good thing or not. 

Apparently, me catching a cold that causes me massive headache is just a warning, telling me my days are going to get me more depressed for the rest of the September. 

Seriously, nothing is going smoothly. I can’t even finish a train ride from salon to home in one go. I have to get out of the train and use the bathroom because my stomach was in crazy pain even though I already went to the bathroom before I left for the train. 

Then, the highlight by Victoria Beckham and Estée Lauder, I can’t find it anywhere. I already have been saving money for not buying stupid stuff and eat less expensive things recently because I feel like I have been wasting money on stupid shit. So I thought, my days aren’t going well, I should buy Sth to make myself happier, I suppose ? 

But I just can’t find it in any counter, and when I can get my hands on them, seeing the real thing in front of me, the sales lady told me they sold out. 

My brain is being so irrational that I felt like the world is collapsing, I am sure my brain was exaggerating all the bad feelings I’ve got, and I can’t stop it even though I knew. 

AND FINALLY, THE SHITTIEST THING. (Keep in mind, September is not even finished and there are still many stuff for me to do and to deal with) SEOUL FASHION WEEK 18SS, if you kept track of my articles of social media, you’ll know I went there on 17FW, made awesome friends and talked to fashionistas and stuff like that. 

This is what happened, I applied for the press pass so I don’t have to ask for tickets from every brand. The organizer will announce which applications are approved by email, supposedly on 15th September. 

I didn’t receive an email until 16:45 on that day (17:45) in Korea. I saw it and I was like yay! They accepted me! But when I opened the email, it fucking says ‘sorry we have to postpone the annouciation to 19th September’ (which is today). 

I’m like , okay, I still have chances, nothing is set until 19th Sept. So 19th came, it’s 19:59 right now (20:59 in Korea) and I still haven’t receive any email from them. It’s nearly nine o’clock and I think everyone’s off work already ? 

It’s set, I GET NO PRESS PASS, FML. Not all brands will let foreigners get tickets to their shows, and I just want access to all the shoes so that I can share more with you guys. Because I know what it feels like to just heard from it, know what it is but not to know the details from it. I know what it feels like, because that was me back then. 

I don’t know, just FML. Don’t know how to feel right now, just feel like dying. (The person standing in front of me just farted on my face btw). 

I’ll see you guys soon with a fall winter lip products review. 

Have a nice day:) 

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