I am back with some reviews and recommendations ! Y’all know that when it comes to fall winter, we switch to dark and cold toned eyeshadow and lip colors. 

Not much difference this year, but just a magical touch from the metalized texture. Although the metalize trend is already building during summer time in US, we really didn’t expect this whole metalizing our lips thing will take over the lipstick world even in the FW season. 

So, I have been trying out different brands’ metalized lip products and I am going to introduce a few that I like the best. 

I got some typical FW colors like plum, dark red, and this year’s new rising star, penny brown. 

As many of you know, I am a HUGE fan of Dior, so I am going to start with their products. (Don’t worry, I won’t be biased!) 

Dior launched both liquid lipsticks and metalize lipsticks almost at the same time. The liquid lipsticks are inspired by the theme Rock n Roll, which I can definitely see from the dark colors in the line. 

She is wearing shade 979. 

I have to say their liquid lipsticks are quite like the traditional ones, like Lime Crime. A bit too drying for me, I had to put on some thick lip balm before applying it last time. I bought the color which is shown in the poster, I thought it would be really badass and cool especially it’s a metalize format, and I’m right, after it’s dried, it’s very long lasting, pigmented and metalize looking. To be honest, too drying is the only downside of this product, however, DRYING IS A DEADLY SIN FOR LIP PRODUCTS ! 

Sorry Dior, for the liquid lips, I can only rate it a seven out of ten. 

Rate: 7/10 

Number 2 product from Dior, the metalized lipsticks. I bought shade 999, their signature red, I mean, who can look bad with a 999? 

The lipstick applies very smoothly, the shimmery bit in the middle of the lipstick didn’t affect the application at all. Just like their Rouge Rouge lipsticks, applies well and feels good. 

Nice red color and when there’s light shinning on my face, the middle of my lips look like I had applied highlight on. Compared to the liquid lipsticks, the effect of the lipstick is much subtle.  

A bonus for this lipstick, basically, they are combining two lipsticks into one, a metallic one and a matte one, but they still charge you the same, so I feel like that’s pretty fair, unlike some other brands. 

Rate: 8.5/10 

When you see our bae, Ruby Rose, you know what brand I’m about to talk about ! 

I heard URBAN DECAY  has more lipstick shades than MAC now… not too sure about that, but I love using Vice lipsticks. My first vice lipstick is a metallic one, what a coincidence, it’s Big Bang. 

I have to say Big Bang is by far the only metallic lipstick that be applied on its own. It’s not translucent and it’s not weird looking. After all, it’s a pinky purple shade. It’s easy to carry. 

The texture is doing great, it’s okay long lasting (it’s a lipstick, what you expect). The price is very consumer friendly, it’s really worth the money. 

Another shade that I want to talk about is Conspiracy, not exactly a Fall Winter shade but I personally think it’s really versatile. Dark brownish red with gold shimmer, oh my lord, so pretty. It’s definitely a good color to wear in fall ,not bad for Winter as well but I guess not Summer. 

Big Bang (cr: thebeautynerd) 

Conspiracy (Cr: Temptalia) 

Rate: 9/10 
Here comes this high end brand… that’s always sold out. Tom Ford, baby !

I don’t know why, but this guy here makes me want to apply purple lipsticks on my friends’ brothers. (Models are models, after all) 

Anyway, I bought the shade Malik, believe it or not, nude colors made it into this year’s fall winter colors as well. Surprise! 

Just for the ones who are asking if I’m a fan of Zayn Malik or one direction : I have no special feelings towards them except for the fact that I think Harry should try to style his hair more often. 

Back to lipstick! The reason I bought this lipstick, first, nude color is trending even in fall winter season, what a surprise. Second, I rarely saw a metallic nude color lipstick. 

The first time I tried it, I was really worried that it will be very very translucent that I will have to apply a million layers. But I was wrong, yes it is translucent but after I applied twice, it became opaque. Nice shimmer, nice nude pink. More light weight than all the previous ones. I’m glad, finally found a lipstick in Tom Ford that I can use. (Except for the lipstick that is named Lara, because that’s my name). 

Okay, downside. Expensive for the volume of the lipstick. And the shimmery ones come off easily. So, probably not a high rating. 

Rate: 6/10 

Here comes to the end of my review! Tell me what you think about the fall winter trend this year and your favorite lipstick color ! 

See y’all next time ! 

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