About Us

We create experience not just for you, but for the world to see. Diversity breeds ingenuity. We cover both in depth and range services from the forefront of hair, makeup and clothing styling, to photographing your product’s excellence, to finalizing and publishing articles; All with the utmost quality. With the ever expanding potential of Asia, our links to the heartbeat of Seoul and Hong Kong’s international influencers will get you in touch with the best and newest standards. For all our breadth of work, we pride ourselves in our company’s small size; which ensures our efficiency and our commitment to showcasing the best of you for the world.




  1. 造型服務(本公司旗下有專業人員為閣下提供一系列造型服務,包括時尚服飾,定造髮型,妝容設計)
  2. 產品拍攝(本公司為顧客提供照相服務,無論是私人悠閒照片,抑或是產品拍攝,時尚照片拍攝,一律俱全)
  3. 專欄寫作(本公司旗下專業的時尚顧問會為有需要的顧客提供介紹文章、經驗分享、評論文章的寫作服務)