Laneige Fresh Calming Review

Laneige be grabbing our money recently ! If you are a Laniege fan, you will realize they upgraded some of their skincare line and also repackaged most of their products in 2017. This Fresh Calming Skincare line caught my attention with their peachy colored containers and the lychee scent. This line aims to balance moisture…Read more Laneige Fresh Calming Review

My Daily Skincare Routine 

I have troublesome skin, oily on the T- Zone, dry and sensitive on my cheeks... And I get breakouts really easily, if I don't remove my makeup good enough, I get pimples the next day.  I also get allergic skin really easily! That's what I hate the most about my skin, if I accidentally used…Read more My Daily Skincare Routine 

The Great 패고파 Mask 

If you had watched Produce 101 Season 2, I bet you know what 'I'm hungry' mask is. Even if you don't know, it's alright, let me tell you now.  The real name of this mask is called Innisfree  Jeju Volcanic Clay Mask. It comes with 7 colours with 7 different purposes, some people call it…Read more The Great 패고파 Mask 

The Heaven For Chanel Fans 

Coco Cafe is FINALLY in Hong Kong! I believe most of us are fans of Chanel at some point, I started being a fan of Chanel when I first learnt about luxury brands. Everything about Chanel is just so fancy to me, the packaging of their goods, their golden double Cs logo, that 'click' sound…Read more The Heaven For Chanel Fans 

The Ancient Egyptian Influence

I am deeply in love with Egyptian style recently, their clothes, their makeup; Everything about ancient Egypt is just so fascinating. I watched The Mummy (2017) recently and the makeup of Ahmanet caught my attention (both before and after she turnt 'evil') After I knew that M. A. C cosmetics were the ones that did…Read more The Ancient Egyptian Influence

Bold and Creative, it’s R. SHEMISTE

I knew nothing about this season's theme of R. SHEMISTE's design until the show started, but I wasn't doubting it at all since they never disappoint me from the first day I know about this brand. R. Shemiste's show started off with a video of demonstrators of LGBT rights getting dragged away onto police trucks…Read more Bold and Creative, it’s R. SHEMISTE

Top 3 Affordable Eyeshadow in South Korea

1. Mono Eyes by ARITAUM     Mono Eyes have around 100 colors by far, they are extremely affordable and pigmented. They also have various textures, such as metallic, matte, or gilttery.etc. Their packaging looks like M.A.C products and I can say they can actually be the rip-offs ! If you have a chance to…Read more Top 3 Affordable Eyeshadow in South Korea

Ambush X Shu Uemura Lipstick Review

Some of you might come from my Instagram, some of you might just have came across this article from somewhere, it doesn't matter, let's start talking about this lipstick collection. In this collection, there are four lipsticks, 2 from Rouge unlimited sheer shine and 2 from Rouge unlimited supreme matte. Now, the shades from Sheer…Read more Ambush X Shu Uemura Lipstick Review

It’s Battle Among Blushers!

Hello there. I still remember when I first started learning how to put on makeup, I fear putting on blushers. My aunties are always mumbling something about how I should be careful on the amount I use, or else my cheeks will be as red as a monkey's butt. Since I found controlling the amount…Read more It’s Battle Among Blushers!