AOMG Fashion

Hello guys! I am finally back from all the work that was killing me... So I am going to talk about some fashion. I am not sure if all of you know what AOMG is, it is a music label founded by Jay Park and is running the company with his co-CEO Simon Dominic. Anyways,…Read more AOMG Fashion

It’s all about the shoes

Many of us usually neglect the importance of shoes when it comes to fashion, but shoes complete your look, it might as well complete the word 'Fashion', so I think it is time to look at some nice shoes. This article is mainly about shoes that are more versatile to wear, you can wear it…Read more It’s all about the shoes

Bold and Creative, it’s R. SHEMISTE

I knew nothing about this season's theme of R. SHEMISTE's design until the show started, but I wasn't doubting it at all since they never disappoint me from the first day I know about this brand. R. Shemiste's show started off with a video of demonstrators of LGBT rights getting dragged away onto police trucks…Read more Bold and Creative, it’s R. SHEMISTE


Dynamic and creative, is that what you think of when we talk about the Seoul City? This is what inspired the creative director of SUPERCOMMA B, Lee Bo-Hyun to design the 17FW Collection after 2015. Unlike most of the shows I watched during Fashion Week, the runway was very bright and wide. The models also…Read more SUPERCOMMA B is back with SEOUL KIDS