Get Ready For Fall Winter ! 

I am back with some reviews and recommendations ! Y'all know that when it comes to fall winter, we switch to dark and cold toned eyeshadow and lip colors.  Not much difference this year, but just a magical touch from the metalized texture. Although the metalize trend is already building during summer time in US,…Read more Get Ready For Fall Winter ! 

Bad Girl Launches Good Shit

FENTY BEAUTY IS FINALLY HERE ! I have to say, Fenty Beauty by badgirlriri is my most anticipated launch after Zendaya's clothing line, like seriously. Right here, I am going to be reviewing the three products that I tried from the line. Although Rihanna is one of my ultimate girl crush, I am not going…Read more Bad Girl Launches Good Shit

The Great 패고파 Mask 

If you had watched Produce 101 Season 2, I bet you know what 'I'm hungry' mask is. Even if you don't know, it's alright, let me tell you now.  The real name of this mask is called Innisfree  Jeju Volcanic Clay Mask. It comes with 7 colours with 7 different purposes, some people call it…Read more The Great 패고파 Mask 

The Heaven For Chanel Fans 

Coco Cafe is FINALLY in Hong Kong! I believe most of us are fans of Chanel at some point, I started being a fan of Chanel when I first learnt about luxury brands. Everything about Chanel is just so fancy to me, the packaging of their goods, their golden double Cs logo, that 'click' sound…Read more The Heaven For Chanel Fans 

The Ancient Egyptian Influence

I am deeply in love with Egyptian style recently, their clothes, their makeup; Everything about ancient Egypt is just so fascinating. I watched The Mummy (2017) recently and the makeup of Ahmanet caught my attention (both before and after she turnt 'evil') After I knew that M. A. C cosmetics were the ones that did…Read more The Ancient Egyptian Influence